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Chimney Damper
Gain important knowledge of how to properly measure your chimney flue for a damper. Be shown a step-by-step installation of a damper along with the required tools for a successful and safe installation. Learn the tools you need to install a chimney damper and how it will make your house more energy efficient. Top sealing chimney damper or top sealing fireplace dampers come in a variety of sizes and models. We like the damper/cap combo style, it insures no animal entry if the damper was left open. Certain installation procedures/requirements will effect what damper you choose. If you are going to reline your chimney with a stainless steel liner you will want to go with a pop-top or lock-top damper system. Whatever the style of damper you choose, we have in stock. All the sealing dampers are installed using the same procedures on this video. Lock top, pop top, or cap/damper combo's will save enough money on your heating and cooling bills to pay for themselves. We highly recommend these types of dampers.
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