Chimney Flashing by Chimney Cricket

Chimney flashing is installed underneath the shingles at a 90 degree angle with one side resting on the chimney, and the other on the roof. The flashings should be covered with a counter flashing. To install a proper counter flashing, a groove should be ground out of the brick chimney and the metal should be fit into this and bent to run down the chimney and overlap the flashings. The counter chimney flashing is critical because the roof and chimney expand and contract at different rates. A metal counter flashing allows for this movement without breaking any seals which would allow water to leak around the chimney.

Properly sealing your chimney flashing to weatherproof your chimney against the elements is always a suggestion by Chimney Cricket. Old and faulty flashing that break bond can cause leaks, resulting in major damage and costing time and money. A professional from Chimney Cricket can properly examine your chimney in order to quickly identity your chimney flashing problem and recommend a solution for safer, more efficient chimney use and prevention.

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