Roof Stain Removal

Roof Stain Removal

Roof Cleaning Services by Chimney Cricket

Your Stained Roof Can Look New Again

Our roof cleaning services will not only remove unsightly roof stains, but also prevent the ugly stains from returning. Once the roof has been properly cleaned and rinsed it should be treated with our stain blocker maintenance coats which should be re-applied about every 2-3 years or at the first sign of the stains return.

The frequency of maintenance coats will depends on many factors such as climate, orientation of the roof and surrounding trees, etc. In extreme cases, maintenance coats may need to be applied yearly. In ideal situations, maintenance coats may only be needed once every five years.

Roof stains caused by algae attack start out as areas of light discoloration then turn to unsightly black or dark brown streaks. If not stopped, the entire roof will become an even worse eyesore as the algae continues to grows and deteriorate. These ugly roof stains detract from your home’s curb appeal, pride of ownership, and may affect resale value. Realtors almost always recommend roof stain removal before listing your home for sale.

Our Roof Cleaning Services Help Your Roof Last Longer

Algae growth can cause damage to your shingles and shorten the life of your asphalt roof. Surface temperatures are also increased because of the dark stains. Its growth holds water on the roof’s surfaces which intensify the sun’s ultraviolet rays like a magnifying glass. The increased moisture and UV rays work to dislodge the protective granules and attack the shingles asphalt coating. Moisture, UV rays, and thermal movement from temperature extremes are your roof’s greatest enemies. All three are intensified by algae growth. It can suck the life from your asphalt roof leading to earlier necessary roof replacement.

Keeping Your Roof In The Dark Can Increase Your Energy Costs

Roofs darkened by algae growth can increase cooling cost as much as several hundred dollars a year in parts of the country where the cooling season is equal to or longer than the healing season, lighter shades of asphalt roofs are often used to lower cooling cost. As a roof grows darker from algae, more energy is needed to cool your home.

Chimney Cricket's Roof Stain Removal Process Includes:

1. Clean We apply our roof cleaning solution that does not rely on chlorine bleach or sodium hydroxide which can damage your roof and kill surrounding vegetation. Our applicator tool can automatically dilute the cleaner 1:6. We allow the cleaner to work for about 20 minutes.
2. Rinse We rinse the roof clean. Using our special roof rinsing tool speeds the rinsing process without damaging your shingles.
3. Protect To help keep your roof looking new and clean longer, we'll apply a saturation coat of our proven stain blocker.